About us

We partner with scalable
and technology-enabled

how we do it

Our deep-rooted experience as operators and investors of B2B software success stories perfectly enables us to advise tech-driven businesses on how to turn scalability into profitability.

Growth and Buy-out

We engage in both growth and buy-out investments, supporting maturing technology businesses in accelerating growth in a sustainable and profitable manner.

We build and scale local champions into mature segment leaders by focusing on the fundamentals of profitable growth. We actively advise on how to leverage organic and inorganic growth opportunities, achieve operational excellence and empower ambitious teams to execute on strategies.


As a strategic partner, we thrive in executing scalable models that leverage the recurring, scalable nature and predictability of business operations.


We focus exclusively on building companies that harness technology to support and enhance its business operations.

We have a strong affinity for B2B SaaS, but we also partner with businesses that seek to complement recurring revenue streams with a technology-enabled business infrastructure.

operational excellence

Our expertise and approach to understanding businesses positions us uniquely to guide and enhance the performance of our partner companies.

By prioritizing effective data management within our businesses, we take a data-driven approach to understand whether the fundamentals of their growth and profitability remain in line with ambitions.

human capital

As a committed and versatile team of entrepreneurs and investment professionals, we excel in supporting our companies in an active and engaged manner.

Working in tandem with founders and management teams, we challenge, advise and support them on strategic and day-to-day affairs. Our collaborative approach is centered around fostering enduring partnerships that equip businesses for sustained success.